Maurice and Pascal’s Wedding, Scottsdale AZ

Is it just me, or does seeing so many unique weddings send your heart fluttering ecstatically?

There’s so many elements to a wedding, and I love seeing it all put together perfectly, into one

beautiful meaningful wedding that isn’t only important to the bride and groom, but to every

person who attends the wedding, and of course, to you guys, who love getting inspired and love watching the fun put into these wonderful weddings. A huge thank you to ​JEFF+AMBER Photography​, for sending us these pictures; the photos are fantastic! Maurice and Pascal’s  wedding took place in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Old adobe Mission. Incorporating elements of both their lebanese and hispanic backgrounds, the ceremony was quite a sight to behold, and their reception at The Clayton at the Park was absolutely STUNNING! The vibrant colors and huge amount of thought and detail put into the wedding impressed everyone, looking stylish and festive and ready for a major celebration! Take a moment to look through these beautiful pictures!

Photography: Jeff+Amber Photography