Beautiful Spring Wedding Cakes

Every wedding has a cake, and whether you want it to match your wedding or not, you know the most important thing about your wedding cake is the taste itself. However, there is one important detail a bride must know if they decide to go with a new, bold color scheme; there are certain colors that may not look appealing to guests. Your cake may taste absolutely amazing, but if its exterior doesn’t look as good as its interior, your guests will most likely not want to eat it.  Avoiding too many colors or decorations is recommended, and getting specific with the colors you are using helps so that you know exactly what you want, and therefore, prevent any miscommunications that can lead to last minute mistakes. Sticking to the same shade’s family and making sure the icing fits is also important.

(However, it’s your decision that counts, so if you feel that you know your wedding cake will turn out beautifully using colors that normally wouldn’t fit together, you can bend the rules a bit. It’s your wedding, after all, so really, you can experiment as much as you wish!)

Cake by :Cake Designs By Deborah