10 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

So you just got invited to go to to a wedding, a you have absolutely no clue on what to wear. You search miles into your closet, but still there’s nothing. Well, you do have the outfit you used for the last wedding you went to, but of course you can’t wear that again. (Actually, turns out you do have plenty of clothes you can wear, you just don’t know how to pair them up yet;)) So your next option-online research! You realize as you’re researching online that there are plenty of options open for you, including this very blog post. Here we’ve rounded up 10 wedding guest outfit ideas for you, so without further ado, lets get started, shall we.

Refined the Way Dress


Refined the Way Dress by modcloth featuring seychelles shoes

1. An A-line gown with mid-length cap sleeves works well with a casual and semi-formal wedding, paired with high heels, a cute bag, and glitzy earrings, which adds flair to your outfit, but doesn’t go overboard in accessories.Always on the Movement Dress


Always on the Movement Dress by modcloth featuring blue clutches

2. For a semi-formal wedding, a long cap-sleeve dress with a longer train and fancy accessories is acceptable.
Lakeside Libations Dress


Lakeside Libations Dress by modcloth featuring Seychelles

3. For a more formal wedding, a short sleeve sheath dress, glamorous pumps,a Boho bag, and dramatic dangling earrings fits the event perfectly.
Corner Lounge Cocktails Dress


Corner Lounge Cocktails Dress by modcloth featuring a midi dress

4. An elegant formal wedding calls for a cocktail dress, more attention-grabbing jewelry, and a smaller yet elegant bag with noir pumps.One of Life’s Fate Mysteries Dress


One of Life’s Fate Mysteries Dress by modcloth featuring rhinestone charms

5. And we can’t forget about the fashionable pleated swing dress, now can we? Featured here is One of Life’s Mysteries Dress, but a dark short sleeve shirt with bright peep toe heels and a geometrically detailed purse is sure to create a luxurious and dramatic look.Operatic Occasion Dress


Operatic Occasion Dress by modcloth featuring a long black evening dress

6. After your success of your last ensemble, it will take a long evening gown, skin-colored high heels, and a few elegant and glamorous accessories to top your last outfit.Contagious Cheer Dress


Contagious Cheer Dress by modcloth featuring artificial jewellery

7. Show your style as you show off your monochrome dress, paired up with a light cardigan and cute, bright earrings that will leave all your friends envious.Luck Be a Lady Dress in Violet


Luck Be a Lady Dress in Violet by modcloth featuring ankle strap shoes

8. Keeping up with a classy and elegant look, a mid-length frock under a casual blazer is sure to do the trick, especially when you pair them up with a petite purse and innovative and glamorous accessories.Novel Release Party Dress


Novel Release Party Dress by modcloth featuring a black cardigan

9. Never failing to keep up with every new trend, a sleeveless lace dress with an A-line skirt and a versatile cardigan suits you perfectly.Liven Up the Night Dress


Liven Up the Night Dress by modcloth featuring long dresses

10. A vibrant and colorful wedding calls for a midi patterned dress with a bold mix of colors, and a cozy long-sleeve cardigan with a dazzling statement necklace.