If your significant other hasn’t met the family yet, announcing your engagement could feel a bit awkward – but it doesn’t have to be! Introducing your fiancé to the family is a major step and you want things to go smoothly so it doesn’t create any tension. Here are a few tips on how to introduce your fiancé to your family:

  • Create a meeting place – You don’t want to place unnecessary tension on your fiancé or family when you both share the news of your engagement. Try to pick a neutral location, such as a restaurant – that way your fiancé isn’t nervous being in your family’s home and your family won’t overstep personal boundaries just because they are in their own space.
  • Make a good impression – Making a first good impression is essential, so think about having your fiancé bring a gift to your parents or relatives. A gift is perceived as a token of good will and can be anything from a bouquet of flowers for your mom or a personalized gift for parents with interests or hobbies.
  • Keep it simple – The first meeting isn’t the time to talk about political affiliations or religious views! Keep the introduction to the basics – details about hobbies, career, education, and hometown. If your family is known to grill people about touchy topics, let your fiancé know so they can prepare a friendly, diplomatic answer and keep the peace.

If you live away from home or haven’t had a chance to introduce your family to your significant other, doing it after an engagement is tricky for everyone. Your family will want to know who you plan to spend the rest of your life with, so just remember to keep everyone’s feelings in mind and create a relaxing ambiance for that first meeting.



Photographer: Ashley dePencier