How to Keep Your Bridal Party Satisfied

Choosing your bridesmaids and bridal party is a fun time in the wedding process – you want your closest friends and family with you throughout the journey taking part in the details and events as they unfold. However, the stress of planning and having high demands is often cause for the dreaded ‘bridezilla’ behavior. Since you want your friends to be happy when you walk down the aisle, here are a few ways you can keep your bridal party satisfied throughout the wedding planning process:

  • They have their own life. Sure, you need your bridesmaids to help with certain aspects of the planning and it’s essential they cooperate with your appointments and events, but it’s also important to remember that just because you are consumed with your wedding, doesn’t mean they are. Be courteous of schedules when planning appointments – try to work with your bridal party so they are more willing to participate.
  • Ask for their opinion. While you might have a specific vision for what you want them to wear, asking them for input is always a nice thing to do! Allowing them a bit of input in regard to the dress style is ideal – you want your girls looking and feeling their best on your special day and it’s never a once size fits all approach when it comes to bridesmaid gowns.
  • Make your bridal party feel special! While it is your day, your bridesmaids and bridal party are no doubt putting money, effort and time into your wedding and your close friends will be excited about being in the wedding, so make sure to let them know you appreciate the effort. If you make them feel more like your partners, they will be happier to help you out when you need it!

Keeping everyone happy is a balancing act and you aren’t always going to please everyone, but these simple tips will show your bridal party you’re thankful – and happy – they agreed to be a part of your big day!

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Photography: Jessica Haley Photography