“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the calmest one of them all..?”

If only it were that easy to magic away the stress instantly… (Sigh) Unfortunately, we do the exact opposite: we stress over EVERYTHING!  Paper work, dresses, invitations to be sent, you name it. It’s completely normal, but we could do with a little help to keep our nerves in check. Here are a few anti-stress tips that could help in muffling that dreaded anxiety and keeping your appearance looking fresh and ready for the day ahead.

  • Organization

Keeping a list of things to do helps you focus on the fact that you’re keeping track on all that you’re doing each day, therefore keeping you from procrastinating. You’ll be up-to-date with the current events, and have no need to worry about something you might have forgotten to do or not done yet.


  • Using Essential oils

Not only are essential oils calming and relaxing, but they help you sleep better and last longer than other products. They’re fairly easy to use, some examples being: lavender, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Ylang ylang

  • Eating healthy and exercising

Adopting a healthy lifestyle ensures our body will be able to cope with stress once it starts occurring, helping it return to its normal healthy state faster.

  • Sleeping your required hours

Adding a few more hours of sleep makes a big difference in our appearance and attitude, so staying up until 3 A.M is a big no-no. Too much sleep isn’t good either, so keeping your sleep to a minimum of seven hours is enough to keep your day flowing smoothly.

  • Others: -meditating

            -staying away from unhealthy cope mechanisms

             -performing “deep breathing” exercises.