Even though a wedding is one of the happiest times of your life, the planning process can really suck any fun out of the big day if it’s filled with anxiety and stress. No matter what size wedding you are planning or how many people are on the guest list, there are countless details that could become overwhelming if you’re not careful. While there might always be a slight element of nerves or stress – getting a head start on planning and staying organized are two essential ways to keep the anxiety to minimum levels.

Here are a couple tips to use to plan your wedding stress free:

  • Start out with a budget. Before you even get started, give yourself a budget on everything – if you don’t, you will have no idea what you can afford or not. Allow some flexibility with the budget, too. Not everything goes as planned, so you want to be able to scale back or splurge on different areas of the wedding as you go. Don’t let the finances put a damper on your big day – talk it out with your fiancé before you start planning.
  • Set boundaries. Family drama is often one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety before a wedding. In some cases, a parent or relative paying for a portion of the wedding means they can have input on your dress, details or venue – soon you will have no say on your own wedding! While advice can be welcomed, set boundaries before planning starts to avoid demands from ruining your wedding.

Set up a timeline of things you want to have done each month in the process – you can also find great tools online and at bookstores for tracking budgets, vendor information and countdowns. Staying organized each step of the way will allow you to enjoy the process more as you go and keep everyone around you happy!



Photo credit: Olha Melokhina