Planning a wedding is fun – but it’s also stressful for some. The honeymoon, on the other hand, is a much-deserved vacation and offers plenty of time for you to enjoy quiet, uninterrupted time with your new spouse. Even though much of your planning focus is going to be on the wedding, you’re going to want to devote some time to making sure the honeymoon is ready when you are – here are some tips for planning your honeymoon:

  • Know when the wedding is going to take place! You can’t start planning the honeymoon until you know when the wedding is – or you might want to plan the wedding based on when you want to take the honeymoon. For example, honeymoon packages during off-peak seasons are a great way to save money – fall is one of the best times to travel and if you are going to a tropical destination, the weather is often spectacular. Remember, weddings and honeymoons are most expensive during holidays and summer.
  • Plan activities that take you out of tourist traps. Even if you want to visit a popular destination – such as Hawaii or Key West for example, there are plenty of things you can do that will allow you to soak in the atmosphere without being around a million tourists. Check out bike tours, day-trip excursions or local classes – wine tasting, culinary date night or museum trips – that give you a unique perspective in a popular city.
  • Hire a travel agent! Save yourself the time and headache by hiring a travel consultant to set the honeymoon up for you. A travel agent isn’t as expensive as you think and they can offer you great advice and savings tips simply by using their knowledge or connections to certain destinations.

When planning a honeymoon, look for   inclusive resorts to get the most of your money, but remember, do your research or get the help of your travel agent to ensure your experience will be a positive one!

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