Depending on the relationship you have with the in-laws, choosing a gift for them on your wedding day can either be fun or rather stressful! Shopping around for the perfect Mother (or Father) of Bride or Groom gifts can take some time, but the important thing to remember is just to find something that is sentimental or shows what an important part of your life they are – or will become. Even if you are not especially close to the parents of the bride or groom, offering a touching gift is a great way to start the bond between families!

If you are looking for a gift that is sentimental, a monogrammed item is always a beautiful touch. Stores offer a range of items that can be personalized or monogrammed including jewelry, linen handkerchiefs, artwork and picture frames. Look for artisan crafts or handmade jewelry to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your Mother in Law, or get your Father in Law tickets to his favorite sporting game or event.


Any gift you choose is thoughtful and will show the in laws that you appreciate them. Make reservations at a swanky restaurant and pay for dinner, or look for gifts that represent their hobbies or interests. Taking the time to figure out what they like to do will show them that effort was put into choosing the perfect gift.


Don’t wait until a few days leading up to the wedding to think about the gift – you will have your hands full with details and appointments! Spend time with your future bride or groom brainstorming about simple, yet thoughtful, gifts you can surprise the parents with on your wedding day. Check out websites like Etsy to get wonderful ideas and handcrafted pieces that will make them smile!