Hi my name is Sandra, I’m wedding stylist at Diamond Bridal Gallery and this is my tip When to Order Tuxedos for the Wedding.
Whether you are a groom in charge of ordering the tuxedo for the wedding or a bride with a list of to-do items before the big day, the tuxedo is high on the list of priorities. Despite going into a shop and trying on tuxedos, it’s important to know when to order tuxedos for the wedding. Ideally, place an order for the tuxedo at least three months prior to the big day – you want to have plenty of time to make any last minute alterations to the suit, if needed.
In order to stay on track with the groom’s tuxedo and groomsmen’s order, suggest a group outing to a tuxedo shop. At that time, everyone can try on tuxedos and place an order at the same time.
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