Now that you have your perfect wedding dress, it is time to accessorize it with beautiful jewelry and accessories. Choosing bridal jewelry is important – you want it to complement your gown, not overwhelm it! Here are a few tips to finding the right accessories:

  • Choose a metal that complements your dress. Depending on the shade of your wedding gown, different metals, including platinum, rose gold or gold, all look different next to various shades of white or ivory.
  • Complement your neckline! Whether you have straps or a sweetheart neckline, the silhouette of the dress can really help you narrow down your bridal jewelry selections. Find a pair of dramatic earrings or statement necklace for a strapless gown, or opt for a pendant-style necklace with a v-neck or halter dress.
  • Stick to the classics. If you are unsure what type of bridal jewelry you want, stick to the classic pieces – pearls and diamonds are often great choices no matter what the gown looks like. Another option is to wear an heirloom piece from a loved one – the sentimental value is perfect for your wedding day.

341N-2 400E-2   400N-2   3132N-2 3134B-2 3134N-2 3487E-2 3590B-2 3829E-2 Choosing the right bridal jewelry is a perfect way to complete your entire wedding day look!