Flowers are a gorgeous addition to any wedding, but they can also be one of the most costly. If you don’t want to compromise using flower arrangements in your ceremony or reception, there are several ways to save on flowers. One of the best ways to ensure you have the budget for your flowers is to cut costs in other areas of the wedding – choose which facets you want to save and which you want to splurge. Here are five of the best ways to save on flowers:

  • Compare quotes – Always ask a few florists about their special deals and be sure to mention lower offers you have received – they might be willing to provide a competitive rate.
  • Order wholesale – If you are okay with creating your own arrangements, ordering wholesale saves a substantial cost. Be aware that flowers must be handled only hours before the event in order to look fresh, so plan for refrigeration or a DIY party the night before the wedding.
  • Mix decor – Save on flowers by ordering fewer arrangements and supplementing the decor with inexpensive options, such as candles or non-floral arrangements.
  • Consider silk – Silk flowers look much better than they used to, so submerging them under water in hurricane glasses and accented with candles looks elegant at an affordable cost.
  • Go outside – One of the best ways to save on flowers is to hold the reception or ceremony outdoors where you can incorporate the landscape into the wedding. Purchase a bouquet and you are all set!

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These simple suggestions help cut costs on flowers when you don’t have a large budget!