Vanessa and Nicholas Destination Wedding in Playa Del Carmen

The Xcaret is a Mexico eco-archaeological park in Playa Del Carmen, where Vanessa and Nicholas arranged their destination wedding. Soaked in details of the Mexican culture, the venue aligned with our couple's wish for a unique and adventurous location. The ceremony took place in the Chapel of Guadalupe, distinct in its beautiful altar in the middle of the cenote and the carved wooden trunk. Two bridesmaids helped the bride in her hair and makeup, before bringing her to Nicholas to share their vows at the church. After the ceremony they and their guests enjoyed a great time with one another in celebration, Mariachi music in the background and cocktails served to everyone. Vanessa and Nicholas even had a chance in between the celebration for a photo session with just the two of them, FineArt Studio Photography their photographer for the day.The images of their wedding came out beautifully, the details and colors unique to the location, showcasing a glamorous, Mexican wedding.

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