How To Solve Your Wedding Alterations Woes

How To Solve Your Wedding Alterations Woes Finding your perfect wedding dress isn’t the end of the journey—it needs to fit perfectly too! But all too often, alterations and fittings can go awry, and you end up with poor fit that leaves you uncomfortable and unprepared for your wedding!   Incorrect alterations happen for a […]

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Wedding make up

6 Wedding Makeup Tips

6 Wedding Makeup Tips Makeup is the ultimate way to accentuate the beauty of the bride and create a polished appearance! Here are Diamond Bridal’s top 6 tips to ensure that your wedding makeup will have you looking and feeling confidently gorgeous! Skincare first Perfect makeup starts with a clean palette. Taking care of your […]

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Want To Hide Your Tattoo?

You love your tattoo and it’s a special part of you, but for whatever reason you don’t want it showing on your wedding day. Maybe you have religious reasons, you don’t want it in pictures, or it simply doesn’t match with your décor! Whatever the reason that you want it concealed for your wedding,don’t fret! […]

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How To Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest

How To Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest Pinterest is the ultimate wedding planner. From little girls imagining their special wedding to full-grown brides counting down the days until they stride down the aisle, Pinterest is the perfect spot for daydreams and inspiration to flourish. With the simple tap of a heart, you can completely unlock […]

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