One of the first decisions to make about your wedding is going to be the theme or style – what choice of colors, decor or concept you want for the big day! There are countless themes to choose, such as:

  • Vintage
  • Beach
  • DIY
  • Green
  • Outdoor
  • Traditional
  • Rustic

Before you select a theme, do some research about what styles you like and what season you want to have your wedding. Throwing a beach wedding in the middle of winter (unless you’re having a destination wedding) might not work too well, so the theme should complement your wedding date. There are a few components that should go into choosing a theme for your wedding, including:



  • Venue – The location you hold your wedding could have a great impact on the theme. Use the architecture or design of the venue to give you some inspiration over your wedding theme.
  • Color – While some don’t consider the color palette to be a ‘theme’ they really can be because you often choose your favorite shades or tones to create a style or look. Look for two or three colors to create a beautiful palette – they can be complementing, contrasting or represent a season.



  • Personality – A theme can be anything you want it to be – your wedding is a day to celebrate as a couple. Love to read? Incorporate books into the decor. Travel often? A travel-theme is fun and provides you and your fiancé plenty of memories.
  • Heritage – Not sure what type of theme to go with on your big day? Your heritage is a great place to start if it plays a role in your life. Color options, decor, destinations or even flavors are all ways to infuse your heritage into a wedding.


When it comes to a wedding theme, you can really do anything you want! Use the theme as a way to show your personal style and taste.



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