At every wedding, the guests are most excited to see the bride’s dress, but that does not mean the groom and his men can’t look equally as fashionable. Fashion is one of the most important parts of the wedding day and whether you’ve given a lot of thought to what the groom and groomsmen are wearing or not, now is the time to choose the best suit or tuxedo to go with the wedding style. Once you decide how formal you want the wedding, you can move on to the men’s suits or tuxedo styles. For many, it may be hard to determine the difference between a black tie and formal style, so here are some tips to telling them apart:

Rent or Buy tuxedo

Tuxedo – A tuxedo is the most classic way to go and looks best at a formal evening wedding. A formal wedding may also be described as a black tie event and require men to come dressed in tuxedos. Though some might confuse tuxedos with suits, a tuxedo comes with a jacket, trousers with outside seam cover, waist cover (cummerbund or vest), white dress shirt with French cuffs, silk bow tie, and polished leather dress shoes.

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Suit – A suit is more casual, but still appropriate for a semiformal event. Depending on the season or time of day, suits in a variety of colors may be worn, including navy, black, gray or brown. Silk ties keep the look a little more formal, or a sophisticated print can be used during a semiformal wedding. ‘Semiformal’ simply means that you do not wear a tuxedo, but still dress up in a suit, dress shirt and tie.

Depending on the wedding ambiance, formal or semiformal styles are ideal options. Keep the tuxedo or black tie to a nighttime wedding in a sophisticated venue and wear suits to keep the wedding classy, but slightly more casual.

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