5 Things to Avoid During Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. When planning a wedding, avoid some of these common mistakes:

Tip #1  Don’t spend your entire fashion budget on the dress alone. Remember that you’ll need to buy shoes, undergarments, accessories and possibly even have the dress altered or shipped to your location.

Tip #2  Avoid being attached to a particular flower type. Instead, plan your bouquet and floral with a color or theme in mind, which will make things less stressful for you and the florist.

Tip #3  Don’t send the save-the-date cards too far in advance – life happens and things change in the course of months. Finalize the guest list closer to the wedding and then send out the invitations.

Tip #4  Trust your vendors! Do your homework and choose vendors with great recommendations and then let them do their job, rather than you micromanage.

Tip #5  Keep your wedding plans private until the big day! Surprise your guests, don’t give away all the details beforehand.

Photo credit: Tiffany Dawson Photography

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